U R G E N T E: Este mensaje va dirigido a los que salen por la noche o de cine y a los que salen de la universidad y a la salida de los colegios. Si encuentran a un niño que llora en la calle, con una dirección en la mano, y le dice que lo acompañe a esa dirección (aunque sea cerca), llamen o llévenlo a la policía y no a la dirección indicada… Este es el nuevo método que están usando para el secuestro, robo y violaciones. Les ruego copiar y pegar y envíalo a los que mas puedas para informar y evitar con ello un gran dolor a las familias…. atención seamos sabios. Copie y pegue, nunca se sabe si nos toca. Compartir no cuesta nada, solo unos segundo




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: Thai colour clash


If Thailand made me realise anything, it’s that I love colour. I share a studio with two amazingly talented jewellers BLAC


However, and the clues in their name, they are colour phobic and work with a very monochrome pallet!

I think it scared me off using colour a little as I…

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What about your cell phone? Do you leave it on when you work? Do you like getting calls or texts in the studio?

G- To be honest, I don’t think I really notice it much. I leave it on all the time. When I do notice I have a text message or an email I get excited. I feel really excited when people…

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I am just a kiss away...: I have spent my whole life waiting to fall in love.


And now that I have, I am petrified. I trust him completely and I know he would never intentionally hurt me. I know that he loves me too. But for someone to have this extraordinary power over you.. for someone to be able to decide your mood - to cheer you up or to break your heart, scares the hell…

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WanToTravel: Creating the Perfect Orlando Vacation


Orlando, Florida is an international vacation destination because of the thrilling amusement parks, exciting water parks, and phenomenal shopping venues. If you have been considering a week long vacation to Orlando, there is definitely something for everyone and more than enough to fill your time…

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İkimize bir mutlu son yazdım sonra
O evde seninle birlikte oturduk
Yanımda durdun sessizce
Burası sondu
Başka bir yaşamdı
Sadece biz vardık
Bana baktın
Mavi ve telaşsız
Başka bir yaşamda başka bir mutlu son
Biz bunu hak etmiştik 
Hikayemiz orda bir yerde,
Hep benimle duracak.
Dayanabilmemin tek yolu bu çünkü.
İnsanın kokusu hep aynı mı kalırmış?

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Chicago (2002) Dir. by Rob Marshall

“Cell Block Tango” featuring Catherine Zeta Jones


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theteddybearthateatsyou:Birth by Sleep


Birth by Sleep

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